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Can acupuncture help with infertility? - Magnolia Healing Arts - acupuncture Walla Walla, WA

Can acupuncture help with infertility?

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, it is estimated that 3 million U.S couples are unable to conceive after a year of trying.

A German Study, published in the Fertility and Sterility Journal showed a significant increase in birth rate for women who received acupuncture in conjunction with Assisted Reproduction Therapy (ART). The scientists took two groups of 80 women about to undergo ART. The study documented that 42.5% in the acupuncture group where able to become pregnant, whereas the pregnancy rate was only 26.3% in the group that did not receive acupuncture.

Another study, conducted by the University of Adelaide, Australia has shown a 50% rise in birth rates of women using Traditional Chinese Medicine to conceive. According to the University of Adelaide ‘Our meta-analysis suggests traditional Chinese herbal medicine to be more effective in the treatment of female infertility – achieving on average a 60 per cent pregnancy rate over four months compared with 30 per cent achieved with standard western drug treatment.’